Thursday, 24 January 2013

First Day Of Kindergarten- fun ideas

This idea is not really related to the first day of kindergarten. Before we have our whole class we do a one-on-one assessment of Literacy and Maths skills and knowledge. As this is the first time I meet some kids, and the first time I see most since they were placed in my class, I like to give them a little welcome gift. Inside the goody bag this year, a crayon, rubber and note pad.
I did not come up with the idea for the crayons (, but I do love it. What better way to recycle all of the broken oil pastels or crayons which you would more than likely throw out soon if it wasn't for this idea. I used oil pastels and they tuned out well.


Now up to the good stuff- the first day of Kindergarten. 

The first day begins with some social play- cars, lego, threading, dolls, all of the good stuff. This is an easy way to entice the children into an environment which is comfortable and familiar. We usually have the play until about 9:45am. The kids start arriving at 8:30am, but school does not begin until 9:10.

Next, we have a toilet stop and crunch and sip (fresh fruit or veg and water), followed by a story. This year I am going to read 'My First Day of School' by P.K. Hallinan. I always am quick to discuss how normal it is to feel nervous, and how I too get anxious at the start of the year, but before we all know it we'll be having too much fun to notice.

Next, we will watch some nursery rhymes on the Smartboard and sing along. As most of the kids have never see a Smartboard before we'll do a few little interactive activities as this will seem rather magical. I will try and find a cute attendance interactive which only involves touching, as dragging can be a bit tough. 

Before morning tea, we will discuss the classroom rules:

  1. We are nice to each other
  2. We listen to our teacher and do what she says straight away
  3. We put our hands up to speak
  4. We keep our room nice and tidy
  5. We always do our best work
Morning tea- 11.10- 11.30

11.30- toilet stop and story. During the 2012 orientation days the kids loved 'The Mixed-Up Chameleon' by Eric Carle so I think I will read it again. 
2013 Calendar-family portrait and send home with poem on magnet so that it can be displayed on the fridge at home. Kids can write their name at the top or trace over dots if needed. 
Outdoor rules- staying on the footpath near the staff car park, observation of the pedestrian crossings near the school and discussion of the rules when eating lunch and playing in the playground
Toilet break

Lunch 1- 1.50pm

My favourite! I did not come up with this idea, I found it on Pinterest last year, but don't remember the source. MAGIC PLAY DOUGH. This is the most fantastic idea. You simply read the magic poem and then hand out the ziplock bags to children with individual poems. Inside is a small ball of play dough, it appears to be white but inside another colour is hidden. As the kids begin to play with the dough the other colour begins to appear in streaks and will then mix with the white to form a new colour. The kids loved this last year.

Afterwards, the kids can relax with some play foam- I love this stuff. It does not dry out or rub into carpet.

And this will conclude the first day. Pretty easy going, but hopefully fun and settling. In the next few days I will add more activities for the next few days.

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