Thursday, 24 January 2013

Setting up for Kindergarten 2013

I love to have my room organised and ready to go before the children arrive. I find the kids (along with their family) love to see their name already placed around the room, giving them some ownership immediately. It's also much more inviting for an excited, yet anxious, little person to enter a bright and light room, free of clutter. I can't wait to start putting their work up for them!

Firstly, I'll show my door display- this door faces out to the area where all Kindergarten parents drop their children off and pick them up. It's also where the children wait before they come in for the assessment appointments with me, so I have noticed they like to find their names and look for friends names. I bought the little bear stencils and then I made the one with my name out of felt. I also made the letters for the welcome sign out of felt because anything made of card fades from the sunlight very quickly. 

Below, showing off my new rug. It is thin because it was cheap, but it'll do the job. One of the best things I have done in Kindergarten is to use mats with clearly defined spaces and write the children's names on a spot. This means that they never fight over whom they will sit beside, waste time looking for a spot, move around whilst you're teaching, or most importantly it means they are always carefully placed beside children which they remain calm and on task beside- even when you're away and a casual teacher is in. And once again it offers ownership from day one. I mentioned to my mum how by the end of last year the kids were obviously taking up so much more space on the mat and she suggested I take a photo at the beginning and end of the year- that'll be cute!

We're starting the year with Nursery Rhymes and Fairy tales, so why not build a castle. I hope the kids love it. I'm not using this space as a familiar reading area as I often have adult helpers come in for that and they may not appreciate sitting on the floor in a small area so the castle is going to be my listening post area. Perfect for listening to nursery rhymes and fairy tales to start off the year. I think I might add a bright green dragon to the front just to cheer it up a little. 

I love my Fido the Dog homework box!

Bright and cheerful reward pockets to accommodate the schools commendation program.

Our class word wall- it's set out alphabetically, which of course works really well. I always start the year off with the word wall blank as I think this is better practise. The words printed on the white are the first 18 words we teach children to write. As I cover them with the class I'll add them to the wall on yellow paper- nice and big. I hate word walls where you can't read the words unless you're standing right next to it. 

Class birthday display. I think it is adorable- I made these using Clipart a few years ago, and they're also offered for free on my blog.

The wall above the Smartboard it very damaged and hideous due to a past teacher using industrial glue (and probably many years since a paint job) so I had to cover it in paper. Last year I stuck art works up there, but this year I am adding all of the units and areas being covered each term so that family can easily see what we're covering in each key learning area. 

I hope you like my classroom!

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