Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mixing Colours- Art Lesson

I had not yet covered primary colours or how we can mix them to create secondary colours so designed a lesson where these concepts could be taught.
To begin with, we used the following interactive colour mixing activities:


Colour Mixing

The first part of the painting lesson involved using green to paint stalks ready to create a bunch of flowers. We then experimented to find which colours we could create. I also put out white paint. The kids each had their own paper plate to mix on (also allowing for an easy clean-up). It was quite a mess, but so much fun. Next, they painted the flowers of various colours to create their masterpieces.

All that was left to do was create a pot or vase. I cut out the shapes and the kids just put bright dots on them.

Once completed I thought they would look better without all the white visible around the flowers so we put a green wash over them.

The photos below kind of show how they turned out, please excuse the plastic protective cover.

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