Saturday, 1 September 2012

Farm Animals

Well, I am finding it a little hard to get into the habit of blogging, but I am going to make a determined effort this month.
This term our Science unit has been focusing on Farms, which appeals to me greatly because I grew up on a farm and I have two of my own delightful pet cows now. The kids have also loved this unit as animals naturally appeal to most children, and probably adults too.
I have not taken photos of my class displays, but I will add some stencils I have created and then add photos of our class displays soon.
No educational value, but I have added some photos of our beautiful Bessie and Alice.
1. Milk Cycle cut and paste 

4.Living Things Drawing and Listening Assessment. A clever colleague of mine came up with this cute listening assessment which clearly shows who is able to follow directions. It could also be used as a position activity, depending on the steps you give. If you would like a copy of the steps we used in our classes please ask. 

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  1. I would love a copy of the steps you used for your listening activity. Thanks for sharing your ideas!