Saturday, 30 November 2013

Grammar Worksheets- conjunctions, an or a and copycat y

If the download isn't working properly, send me a message. I am having some trouble tonight! Grr...

I was just cleaning up my desktop, which was once again covered in documents that I should of just put in the right place to begin with. Maybe next year. Anyway, I found a few grammar worksheets which may come in handy so thought I'd share them. I do appreciate people saying thanks when they download things for free. Just a tip. Anyway, the document includes the following three worksheets:

1. Copycat Y- The text looks a little scary as I always make out that 'copycat y' is really mean and steals the sounds of 'e' and 'i'. 

2. a or an

3. conjunctions- because, and, so, or, but

For some reason, it is showing the three pages, but also reformatting them, so you get 6 pages, but only 3 are valid. Sorry.


  1. Can I have a copy? what is your email?

    1. Hi Ericka,
      Try clicking on 'document' at the top of the page. You should be able to download it then. If not, email me at